1/8/2018, 3:57 PM   International award 
Certificate of lifetime achievement in PA German language and culture, from Germany and Belgium. Check it out on Facebook.
1/8/2018, 3:54 PM   PG calendar 
Honored to be on the cover, and for May, in this year's calendar from the PA German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University, 610-683-1589
8/18/2016, 9:01 PM   C.D. 
Just recorded third C.D., with local songs, including Ballad of Susanna Cox and the Kutztown Reel, with Mitch Miller and Mike Hertzog
8/18/2016, 9:00 PM   PA German 
Teaching a 3-credit course at Kutztown University, and hopefully will continue in the future. Contact Mim Carlance, 610-683-1323, or carlance@kutztown.edu; No tuition for senior!.
8/18/2016, 8:55 PM   Yearly Festivals 
Back again at the Kutztown Folk Festival, over 30 years; Oley Fair, 4years; Landis Valley Harvest festival, over 10 years; Lyons fiddle festival, 33 years;

Many hoedowns, barn dances, retirement homes, senior citizens, etc.

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